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Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo 145ml

PKR 250
Gilo Subz Organic Shampoo is a new age alternate completed on alternate lines of nature-based, hand-made and organic processes. It employs in some incredible protein and mineral-rich natural ingredients such as yoghurt, almond and olive oils, daily gourd, spinach and melons through the nifty NutrientExtract distillation method. Mild and undamaging, it gives a worry-free, hair-revitalising and an organic wash! It's time to stiff chemicals and make the switch!

Gilo Subz Plus 160ml

PKR 800
Gilo Subz Plus is a build-on on our original Roghane Gilo Subz formula, with a manipulation of its constituent ingredients to exclusively target damaged hair follicles and to help in the regeneration of hair roots to effectively defeat baldness. Helping you meet the cure nature has kept wrapped up, is introduced Gilo Subz Plus, a safe, organic and all-natural remedy for ones dealing with a receding hairline and baldness. Keeping you away from the scalpel!

Gilo Subz Special 160ml

PKR 1,400
Gilo Subz Special is the original formula on steroids with an added power of 10 additional oils for anyone demanding a quick, powerful punch of hair revitalisation. Helps treat hair problems and results in stunning hair in half the time. Giving your hair something special!

Roghane Gilo Subz Hair Oil 125ml

PKR 300
Roghane Gilo Subz is a multi herb-oil infusion which makes use of 25 herbs and 6 oils, each of which exclusively targets a specific hair problem to give you thick, silky, gleaming and dark hair. The remarkable ingredients gifted by nature, adroitly mixed with a brilliant formula have won acclaim to successfully cure serious and assumedly incorrigible hair ailments such as baldness. Let us help you discover the magic of nature!
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